Monday, November 12, 2012

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Windows In Rochester NY

How in the world do I figure out what is the best deal for replacement windows? I have lived here for my whole life and have seen ads and yard signs from dozens of window companies all over the area. We have long cold winters and I need quality Rochester windows that will help me keep the frozen air outside my home. Do I need double or triple pane, does low-e mean lower energy bills and what the heck is argon, something from Superman’s home world?

Since I have a very large family here in the greater area, I decided to do a poll to see what others already knew about the different options for windows in Rochester. My cousin Sally says that Energy Star windows were what she wanted as they are highly rated to help keep out the heat of summer as well as cold of winter. My cousin Christina on the other hand got estimates from the top 3 replacement window companies in Rochester and chose the company that has been here for 50 years…history tells, she says. My parents want to upgrade the windows in their 50’s bungalow without sacrificing its vintage style and that mean going with a company who would custom design the windows to fill the bill.

So, how did I choose? I chose the window replacement company owned and operated by the same family for 50 years. I discovered that all of the criteria that my family used could be found in one company located right in my hometown, Wonder Windows of Rochester NY has the variety, quality and affordable pricing that all makes sense to me. I like the idea of shopping locally and supporting business founded in 1962 in Rochester NY.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Digital Marketing – Push, Click, Tap

Valpak of Rochester Digital Marketing – Push, Click, Tap

The mailing program of Valpak of Rochester has taken direct marketing to the next level. To coincide with the successful traditional print products, Valpak of Rochester now offers a strong internet, social media and mobile marketing program. Valpak of Rochester can offer your business the opportunity to stream coupons digitally online, posted through Facebook, Tweeted to our followers or streamed live directly to our mobile application for smart phones.

Over 70,000 businesses each year choose Valpak for direct and digital advertising. We can offer advertising campaigns tailored to meet your goals, customized graphic design, high-quality printing, and a targeted distribution to responsive consumers.

Online Coupons

The amount of consumers looking for and using online coupons is constantly increasing. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong digital marketing service. Online coupons are just another direct digital program your business can use to promote deals and special offers to consumers. Valpak of Rochester can run coupons that work with your envelope advertising or run additional online and digital promotions. The additional digital features assure that your business is up to date and reaching the most effective amount of consumers.

Mobile Marketing

The importance of mobile marketing campaigns is on a rapid increase. With the growing prevalence of smart phones, businesses must begin to market to the consumers directly to the mobile phones.

SMS (Short Message Service) Options

Have you tried advertising via text messaging yet? With the Valpak of Rochester SMS program we can reach our customers directly anytime, anywhere. With this digital service, customers can text in to a category for special offers from your business. Choose the message or offer that you want blasted to the subscribers and let us do the rest for you. SMS texts can hit that direct target audience that is looking for digital offers right to the convenience of their cell phone. Tie your direct mailing with our mobile SMS package and engage your customers with digital marketing!

Mobile Applications

Valpak of Rochester also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded right to most smart phone devices free of charge. This app is just an additional way consumers can access offers and your business can connect with the digital audience. Valpak’s direct digital marketing program can bring ease and convenience through mobile phones.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important and fastest growing marketing services. These days, it is important to stay connected through social media outlets. Valpak of Rochester keeps in contact with its customers through many digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine Optimization

Valpak of Rochester can help improve the visibility of a webpage among different search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, through SEO (search engine optimization). Today’s businesses are mostly searched and found through search engines, therefore online website appearance is crucial and it is important to increase your digital marketing appearance through search engines. Valpak of Rochester coupons can be found on the first search page of Google – let us make sure your business is at the top of the digital marketing program!

At Valpak of Rochester, our goal is to provide powerful marketing services including print, mobile and digital product packages. We want to exceed your direct marketing expectations and design marketing programs to specifically meet your needs.

Today, we are not only reaching your customers through the mailbox, but we can reach them through mobile marketing and online solutions. Through online coupons, social media, and mobile marketing we can help any business reach their target audience directly.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Catch Fish - Rochester, NY

"Through Charters, Seminars, Venturing & Tournaments we are encouraging everyone to get out into the beautiful outdoors where they can experience pure relaxation and enjoy and connect with nature. Our desire for young people is to show them the true sport of fishing and bring back a generation old pastime to families" Call about our Lake Ontario fishing charters
Brands/Products: Ross Worldwide dealer, Okuma dealer
Let's Catch Fish - Rochester, NY - MyWebYellow Client Profile

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bridal Beauty Services in NYC

Bridal Beauty Services in NYC

Gerard Bollei -A Premier Hair Salon

Since first opening in 1965, Gerard Bollei Salon has been in the top echelon of New York City hair salons. Located in the landmark Galleria Building, the salon is a total service center, with an A-to-Z menu that caters to every beauty need imaginable. Its international staff is celebrated for their expertise in repairing hair color disasters, over-processed and damaged hair as well as designer haircuts, custom styling, state-of-the-art hair straightening, Brazil Bronze spray tanning, and head-to-toe Bridal Beauty services.

Consistently renowned as hair color specialists, Gerard Bollei Salon has one of the largest color departments anywhere. There is none better to create your signature shade than the Master Color Team at Gerard Bollei. Whether you are seeking bold hues or subtle highlights, our color experts have the experience and instinct to design your perfect look.

The 4th floor spa facility is an oasis of serenity conveniently situated in the heart of Manhattan. Our spa staff is always on the lookout for the newest in skin care technology to offer our clients. In addition to microdermabrasion, our skin care roster includes pre and post-operative facials, anti-acne peels, and cleansing back treatments.

Most notable is the salon’s longevity. Many salons have come and gone over the years, but Gerard Bollei Salon is still going strong and growing. Our clients are so loyal that they span generations (90% of our business is through word-of-mouth recommendations.) That fact alone speaks volumes. Add to it the no-attitude ambience that is so increasingly rare today, and you will understand the salon’s success. Complimentary consultations are always provided – Contact us to schedule yours today!

Bridal Services

We will plan your wedding look from rehearsal dinner to ceremony to reception and finally the honeymoon, working with you to create perfection according to your specifications. Hair Extensions, Color, Highlights, Cut, Up-Do, Styling, Skin, Brows, Nails, Waxing, Spray Tan, Make-up - Gerard Bollei has it all! From the bride and groom to the wedding party and family, our team can accommodate everyone, either in the salon or on-site at a location of your choosing. Advance booking required.

VIP Bollei Bride

Inquire about our customized VIP Bridal Packages, available in the salon or at a location of your choice.

Come into the salon for a complimentary consultation to learn more about our total bridal beauty services, which have been the focal point of New York area weddings since 1965. Whether your choice is a traditional Manhattan venue, a romantic country inn, or a unique space all your own…we will coordinate it all to suit your individual style. Remember…the most beautiful brides are Bollei Brides!

Unlike other salons, your first consultation appointment is on us! Talk to us about your dress, your flowers, your venue, and how you envision your wedding look. Call to schedule your complimentary bridal consultation: 212-759-7985

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VIP Mobile Marketing

VIP Mobile Marketing aligns with strategic partner Valpak Rochester to offer mobile marketing offers, discounts, coupons and messages

Valpak Rochester is a leader in the direct mail coupon space and is now partnered with VIP Mobile Marketing, the mobile phone marketing specialist in an effort to launch a targeted SMS text marketing program to both local and national brands. This partnership is designed to make it easier for consumers to find, search and use offers relevant to their locations.

"Mobile marketing is just one of the next big waves in new-age marketing tactics," said Kathleen Jacobs, owner of VIP Mobile Marketing headquartered in Rochester, NY, "The reason why merchants are taking to this new medium so strongly is because cell phones are always with us and we are able to tap into a younger audience like never before. With mobile marketing there is no need to clip paper coupons, no need to check email or surf the Web looking for hot deals, people can quickly and easily navigate through coupons, discounts, and offers without sifting. In addition marketing messages can be modified or brought to market in an instant. Imagine a customer walking up to the counter holding up their cell phone and saying I want this special.”

Because of the real-time nature of this vehicle of communication, we can customize the offers or message," "For example, in the food category, we can drive lunchtime or dinnertime traffic specifically to those customers who have opted in by delivering a message to customer’s cell phones. Using VIP mobile marketing SMS text messaging, Valpak of Rochester will send offers and point-of-purchase messages to consumers who opt-in. These offers can be redeemed immediately.

Who we target
VIP Mobile Marketing’s primary focus is on delivering mobile offers, discount, coupons and messages for service industries including but not limited to fast food restaurants, fine dining, auto service, auto oil/lube, auto wash and the entertainment sector. In addition, dry cleaning hair salons as well as other retail or service based businesses can reach their customers anytime anywhere with a compelling offer.

"There is ongoing interaction with the consumers in these categories and because of that we believe that they will be highly responsive to mobile offers, discounts, coupons or messages," said Ms. Jacobs, How about just a reminder to drop off the dry cleaning each Tuesday?

Consumers opt in for the mobile offers either once they receive the Valpak envelope, through a direct mail piece, a radio or television spot, billboard or in-store signage. We make it simple to join and unobtrusive to maintain- consumers only sign up for what they want creating an extremely targeted–interested consumer.

Consumers receive a welcome message within 30 seconds and a text message from that particular merchant.

As part of the VIP mobile database, the opted-in consumer will continue to receive mobile offers; discount or campaign messages till he or she opts out.

Customers will be sent information between two and four times a month. The message, discount, coupon or offer can be saved on the consumer's mobile phone. He or she can go to the store or company, display the text message to the attending cashier and then obtain the discount or offer.

Marketers can now integrate across Valpak’s shared mail drops, targeted direct mail and mobile. The company will not only time the drops to the advertiser's needs, but also report the timed opt-in.

The advertiser gets access to consumers who have opted in for VIP Mobile Marketing-delivered messages, offers, discount and coupons in metro areas including but not limited to Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.

Direct marketing at its best "Mobile direct marketing mobilizes traditional print and electronic strategies to drive more traffic to the advertisers stores, it sparks purchases and increase sales. In addition, it enables merchants to increase their reach and engage the mobile consumer, especially the hard to reach 18-34-year-old demographic, by providing a measurable, direct call to action in the form of mobile coupons, discount offers or marketing messages.

This form of marketing is even more direct than traditional mail or online pieces. As consumers have become more comfortable communicating via text from their mobile devices, direct marketers can capture their attention at multiple points during the day. Mobile direct marketing even permits touching the customer at the point of purchase.

Merchants can now have a marketing campaign that hits a consumer at three different points during their day—in the mailbox, on their PC and now their mobile phone.

This begs that you ask yourself this question “We can hit your customers, anytime anywhere… Can you?”

For additional mobile, print or SEO information please contact Kathleen Jacobs 888-843-1113 or